Thursday, March 8, 2018

Looking In, Looking Out, Reaching Out

Looking In

Let’s Talk About Judging….

Have you ever personally judged people just by looking at them?  It is something that you may not try to do intentionally, or may never want to do.  It is also something that you won’t do in a person’s face unless they push you to the limit by invading your personal space.  Judging happens across many lines.    

In today’s world of social media, we all may notice the consciousness that organizations take to make us aware of how diverse we are as people.  I take the time after a day of work to relax.  I log onto my Facebook page just to see and read what is posted.   I scrolled my feed and happened across a post by CUT that talks about judging. It was very interesting.   

Do you ever label people?
Would you participate in guessing the sexual orientation of strangers?

It is interesting to see that the participants were nervous about their specific choice for each of the strangers that came before them.  In the video, participants asked each person certain questions to determine a label from a set of cards provided by the video makers.  The questions varied, but were about dress, haircut, personality, what they liked, how the person danced, or just the fact that one had a cell phone clipped to the belt.  It is interesting to see how each guessing participant labeled a person.
At the end of the video, true orientations are revealed and participants see if they guessed correctly.  The participants were surprised that they guessed some wrong.  One participant states that his friend/co-worker dresses like one of the volunteers, but he did not want to assume based on clothing.  Another participant states that she stereotyped when making her choices.  One states that she has a lot to learn about different communities.

In our campuses today, we deal with –isms, xenophobia and cultural differences daily.  We all must realize that awareness is important, so that we don’t judge wrong. 

Have a great semester everyone! 

Lloyd E. Dixon

Global Issues Committee 

Looking Out

Service  Beyond Our Walls

Greetings SASFAA Family,

AASFAA has been quite busy the last few months but we have finally made it over the Fall hump. I am incredibly honored to serve as the 2017-2018 AASFAA president during the celebration of its 50th anniversary! The theme for our 50th Anniversary is “The Golden Age of AASFAA”, celebrating 50 years of serving Alabama’s students. The AASFAA executive committee and its various committee chairs are excitingly working to provide a memorable and enjoyable conference for the AASFAA family.

As we prepare for the 50th Anniversary, I am reminded of the service and commitment that our association provides to our students beyond our profession and the importance of servant leadership. We serve our students daily with a dedication to making their lives better through education. Our positions are linked to service for others. I want everyone to reflect on how you serve students and promote excellence in the financial aid office by building a positive culture that encourages professionalism within the office, integrity among all, and diversity of ideas and people. If we stay true to the positive work that we are called to do while promoting an inclusive and respectful environment, we will not lose sight of the invaluable job we are called to do.

I implore all of you to reflect on how you serve your students, organizations, and communities. While reflecting, think of ways that you can improve your service to our students and our colleagues because we have a great impact on the lives we encounter far beyond our office walls.

Theresa Mays

2017-18 AASFAA President