Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Investing In A Caring Association

     Hearing a financial aid representative state on the last day of August that he was feeling very good and had experienced a quiet day, led me to reflect upon the federal changes that were implemented to enhance our operations during fall registration.  While we experienced the same pace for registration in our office, days filled with many office visitors and high call volumes, I must admit that most of the students did have a FAFSA on file.  I have concluded that a better timeframe to fully assess the success of the new federal changes will be when we are free of 399s, and the DRT is live and functional.  As we advance from registration to travel to the regional association activities.  I wish to provide updates regarding board members, volunteers, goals, membership dues, and training opportunities.
     We are very excited about the active and passionate board members who have been elected and appointed to execute the duties and responsibilities of our association.  This board is committed to delivering a year of exciting events and activities.  The committee chairpersons did an excellent job with vetting the list of volunteers.   As you are aware, our association is supported through the efforts of volunteers.  We are pleased that an opportunity to serve was offered to all volunteers.  If you did not submit a volunteer form and wish to assist the association, we invite you to serve as a moderator for the annual conference. 
     Great emphasis will be placed upon providing service to our members by offering innovative and just-in-time training opportunities, engaging members through a communication blog, and surveying the membership for preconference sessions, and webinars.  Here are the President’s Goals for 2017-18:
  •  Develop a mentorship guide for new members, and collaboratively work with State Presidents to engage new members
  • Identify duties and responsibilities for Treasurer-Elect
  • Increase webinars for training and development of members
  •  Assess the New Aid Officers' Workshop
  • Increase the number of SASFAA members earning NASFAA credentials
  • Review and implement Cost Containment Task Force Recommendations

     We would like for you to benefit from the many offerings that will be held on this year as an active participate in the association.  An inaugural Enrollment Management Symposium will be held on October 22-25, 2017, in Orlando, FL.  There are limited spaces, please register early for this event.  Additionally, there will be training sessions offered through webinars designed to meet the needs of our members. 

Please join the regional association by paying $35 for the membership dues by September 15, 2017.  Also, we encourage you to get involved at the state level, and be an active member of your state association.   Members from all states are represented on the regional board.  You may view members from each state by visiting SASFAA’s website.  We are looking forward to a great year with your support.

Sharon Oliver
SASFAA President for 2017-18

Coming in October: Enrollment Management Forum

     Join us for SASFAA’s inaugural Enrollment Management Forum, October 23 – 24, 2017 at the Embassy Suites, Lake Buena Vista Resort, in Orlando, Florida. 

     To many financial aid professionals, enrollment management is this mysterious function at our institution. We know it involves admission, and somehow financial aid. Perhaps we even see retention efforts spearheaded by the enrollment manager… the Great and Wonderful Oz who lives in the Emerald City and sends flying monkeys to spy on financial aid people. Who is this Oz? How did Oz get to be in that position? How do financial aid professionals move into such great and mighty positions? 

Virginia Welcome and News 

     Welcome to the VASFAA Community!   As President for the 2017-18 year I am very excited and honored to be serving this association and its members during the celebration of its 50th Anniversary! 
     VASFAA, established in April 1968, has maintained its mission to promote the professional growth and collaboration of its members in order to serve fairly the needs of students, families, and institutions in matters related to financial and informational resources supporting student’s postsecondary education goals over the last 50 years.  This mission will continue on.
     This year’s VASFAA theme is:
“Coming Together - Celebrating 50 Years of Serving Students, Families, and Institutions”
The VASFAA Executive Board, appointed Committee Chairs, and committee volunteers are already hard at work in preparation to meet the goals outlined during the transition retreat held in June 2017.  These groups have been charged with increasing membership and participation within the association, developing improved communication, and promotion of professional growth and training through workshops, webinars, and the annual conference.  I am very enthusiastic about what this year offers to help VASFAA “Come Together"
     VASFAA is a dynamic organization with financial aid professionals from all sectors.  This organization has a great deal to offer its members and each and every one of its members has a great deal to offer it in return.  Whether you like to give back through volunteerism, have a desire to network with “like-minded” folks, share your knowledge of the industry conducting sessions, or as a participant in training opportunities, VASFAA has value!  As Vince Lombardi said, “The achievements of an organization are the combined efforts of each individual.” The key to VASFAA’s success is its members and their participation. 
     I am excited to be working with such a dedicated and passionate group financial aid professionals, celebrating 50 years of VASFAA’s success, and embarking on an exciting future ahead.  The 50th Anniversary will be held April 29 – May 2, 2018 at the brand new Hilton Main in downtown Norfolk, VA.  We would love to have you join us to celebrate our 50 years of serving students, families, and institutions.

Thank you
Biz Daniel

VASFAA President 2017-18