Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tennessee State President's Report - Lester McKenzie, TASFAA President

It has been a pleasure working with the members of the SASFAA Board and especially my fellow state Presidents. Each one of you has taught me a lesson and your friendship will be cherished.

On behalf of TASFAA I would like to thank the SASFAA Board for the opportunity to be heard as a collective voice from the Great State of Tennessee.

Executive Board
The 2011/12 TASFAA Board has met three times and will meet twice after this report.
July 2011                    Transitional Retreat               Franklin, TN
November 2011          Board Meeting                       Murfreesboro, TN
February 2012            Mini Board/Conference         Cookeville, TN
April 2012                   Board/ Annual Conference     Franklin, TN
June 2012                  Transitional Retreat                TBD

The TASFAA Board includes the following volunteers:
Lester McKenzie, President, Tennessee Tech University
John Brandt, President Elect, Union University
Sandra Rockett, Past President, Dyersburg State Community College
Donna Price, Secretary,Austin Peay State University
Amy Collins, Treasurer, East Tennessee State University
Janie Burns, Member at Large, Bethel University
*Janie also serves as Sponsorship Chair
Richard Brand, Private Sector, Maryville College
Sandra Davidson, Proprietary Sector, South College
Leah Louallen, Public 2-Year Sector, Nashville State Community College
Celena Tulloss, Public 4-Year Sector, University of Tennessee
*Celena also serves as Conference Chair
Owetha Hunter, TTC Sector, TTC Whiteville
Jeff Gerkin, Association Governance, University of Tennessee
Sara Jackson, Awards, Chattanooga State Community College
Marian Huffman, Budget/Finance, Lee University
Ryan Smith, Electronic Services, Bryan College
Ron Gambill, Government Relations, EdSouth
Naomi Derryberry, Historical, TSAC
Sonja McMullen, Membership, Sallie Mae
Terri Parchment, Public Relations, TSAC
*Debbie Nuchols resigned in Nov 2011 but her service to TASFAA was appreciated
Joanie Walker, Site Selection, Middle Tennessee State University
Jane Pennington, State Programs, TSAC
Brenda DiSorbo, Training, Cleveland State University
Summer Judd, Diversity. Freed Hardeman University
Darolyn Porter, Special Appointee, TSAC

TASFAA is pleased to announce our officers for the 2012-2013 year:
President-Elect:  Ms. Ashley Bianchi, Rhodes College
Secretary:  Ms. Leah Louallen, Nashville State Community College
Member at Large:  Donna Price, Austin Peay State University
Private Sector Representative:  Eddie White, Trevecca Nazarene
Proprietary Sector Representative:  Jeanne Stewart, South College
Public 2 year Sector Representative:  Brenda Burney, Columbia State Community College
Public 4 year Sector Representative:  Celena Tulloss, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Technology Center Representative:  Gwen Fleming, Tennessee Technology Center Memphis
Regional Training
We held three workshops across the state using NASFAA’s presentation material on Satisfactory Academic Progress. Two trainers, Brent Tener of Vanderbilt University and Michelle Baird of Lincoln Memorial School of Law, expertly presented the material in all three locations. In addition to SAP, TASFAA also enlisted the services of two federal trainers, Wood Mason and Robert Berry, to cover changes in COD and the Direct Loan Reconciliation process.

Information about the sites:
Union University, Jackson, Tennessee:   November 9, 2011
            46 Attendees Registered, 43 Attended and Paid
Lipscomb University, Nashville, Tennessee:  November 14, 2011
            63 Registered, 57 Attended and Paid
South College, Knoxville, Tennessee:  November 15, 2011
            74 Registered, 71 Attended and Paid

Workshop fees were increased from $35 to $65 this year and registration numbers lowered slightly. In 2010, we had 210 register, 205 attended and paid compared to 2011 with 183 register, 171 attended and paid. The revenue generated in 2010 was $7175 compared to 2011 at $11,115. The costs for the workshop were largely paid for with support by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corp. Our thanks to that organization for proving once again they are solidly dedicated to our association and the profession of financial aid.

 Conference Planning
Under the expert guidance of Ms. Celena Tulloss, University of Tennessee, the conference committee met at Tennessee Tech University on February 2, 2012 to begin the planning for our annual conference in late April 2012.

The conference is heavily loaded with federal and state trainers with the following sessions being considered:
            Federal Update
            COD and DL Changes
            2012/13 Verification
            SAP – Year One Review
            NASFAA/ Washington Update
            TSAC/TELS Update

David Bartnicki and Wood Mason will be our federal trainers and Justin Draeger, NASFAA, will also be attending. The conference will be held at the Cool Springs Marriott in Franklin, Tennessee on April 22-25, 2012.

I am truly thankful for being given the opportunity to serve in this capacity and serve on the SAFSAA Board and look forward to our continued progress as 2012 closes.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Loan Repayment Options for Grads

BY TERRY SAVAGE savage@suntimes.com June 10, 2012 6:28PM
Student loan debt is becoming a national crisis — as well as a personal nightmare for college grads. There is now more student loan debt than credit-card debt outstanding. And the accomplishment of college is dwarfed by the insurmountable task of loan repayment. But it’s something you must deal with now, while you have options.

Sadly, your college degree didn’t come with a job guarantee. For many graduates, the idea of even thinking about starting to repay those student loans is a nightmare. But even if you don’t have an income, you must deal with your student loans within six months of graduation.

There are several helpful alternatives that will postpone the repayment process until you have the money to do it — albeit the interest will keep building.

To learn more about repayment options, you may read the entire article at the link below: